trainee, traning, mistress, mistresses, manchester, mistress cornelia's training mistresses in manchesterHello to all Ladies who have been thinking about or would like to become a Mistress, Dominatrix and Prodomme in Manchester?

Well our Mistress training service, subject to interview, at our wonderful Dungeon in Manchester places great emphasis on training any up-and-coming Mistresses, Switches and Corporal Punishment enthusiasts, allowing them plenty of time to grow and flourish through our training course support into Professionals under the guidance and influence of Myself, Mistress Teressa and other Mistresses and guests where applicable.

The training that any of our new trainee Mistresses will undertake includes an initial interview with Myself Mistress Cornelia and Mistress Teressa and details of your experience, if any and some identification re driving licence or passport information about yourself, etc.

While training we will provide strict monitoring with regular achievement reviews and hands on training skill assessments, over a specific period of time. Trainees first learn the bedrock and history of all the different types of play in which we specialise, which in turn leads into sessional basics. Once the trainee’s skill has been further enhanced under the watchful eye of our Mistresses, will we then try to advance the trainee into more detailed forms of play with Mistresses who have experience in specific areas of BDSM, over the time they spend with us.

We will aim to prime the Trainee Mistresses to study the recommended subject in order to perfect the hands on skills, where possible, to gain achievements through the knowledge of practising as a Professional Dominatrix and Mistress.