Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation (SD) is a very powerful experience one and is used in most aspects in the world of BDSM.

A willing participant with submissive’s body. A slave willing to understand and partake in what sensory deprivation is all about and of course sensational play, which is always incorporated into most of my Session at the Dungeon.

It involves depriving a sub or slave of certain senses, such as sight and sound. This scenario not only helps make slaves feel more helpless, but also makes their other senses such as touch even more sensitive to stimuli.

I sometimes like to give my slaves 30 minutes of total isolation and to help them lose who they are, their sense of time, their identity and their sense of their surroundings, which can bring about sheer unadulterated feeling of bliss and peace and relaxation. Although a slaves sense of touch is usually heightened by eliminating the other mistress, mistresses, dominatix, sensory deprivation, hood, manchester, lady, Cornelia,senses, such as hearing and sight, sensory deprivation doesn’t always attempt to eliminate all of the senses, but just touch can be amazing feeling and by keeping a slaves body bound and tight by using cling film, latex or a body bag can be very delicious.

During the session tickling or pinching, flogging, warm oils, lots of body caresses, nipple clamps are all part of the play, which can also includes, feathers, touch, CBT, a small butt plug, pin wheels, flogger, hot wax, ice and various toys. Blindfolds, gags, earplugs and ear defenders are some of the most common props to use during sensory deprivation and either some or all of these can be used, depending on the slave. Just Hoods and belts can be used sometimes to restrict arm and leg movements.

The use of all the options becomes a very de-stress situation for slaves and an amazing experience. Releasing your control to a beautiful Dominatix can be an amazing feeling and gives some slaves a sense of complete euphoria. I also find it very intriguing that a lot of powerful, strong, males find this a kind of session wonderful and a major release by giving themselves up to a Mistress and letting go of their trust and feeling the fear. This is perfect for this Mistress.

There’s always lots of tie and tease within a sensory deprivation session or pain and some perfect punishment of a slaves body, using various techniques, equipment, toys and props. This all usually results in an intensely erotic subspace time and of course the end result is what most SD slaves desire.

So come along and don’t be shy or stressed or shy, I will help you focus and submit to your Mistress into the oblivion within an influx of adrenaline and endorphins!

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During the session it’s possible to include another Mistress for a Double Domme to assist me in satisfying slaves. This can include four hands instead of  just two. Therefore, making your blood pressure rise and fall, if required.