Please just phone Me and if I don’t answer send a text or leave Me a voice mail or just phone Me again I will answer you ASAP.

So contacting Me is simple, My Mobile phone number is on every page of the website at the top of each page, it’s also listed here on My contact page.

I don’t take bookings from just a text. I need to hear your voice and get to know you a little so that I have some idea that you’re a grown adult male. So please just call after the first initial text if you feel you must text me initially. Most of the time I can answer my phone.

I sometimes maybe with a family member or friends or in the middle of a supermarket and just asking if I can speak freely is just good manners and commen decency, which costs nothing.

Please don’t phone Me from a withheld numbers as I won’t answer your call so please don’t waste your time or Mine by trying.

I am always discrete about texting or phoning, but if you do not wish me to text or call you back then please say so during our first conversation or on voicemail if I don’t answer your call straight away.

My Mobile phone number is – 07563 058296

My Twitter @ladycornelia2

My email address is