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Mistress Cornelia welcomes you to her contact details.






She is an experienced mistress who truly understands how you think and what you desire from your session.





How to Book Lady Cornelia





  • Please try and book in advance where possible.





  • If she doesn’t answer her phone straight away, please text her and try to make an appointment with her by text initially, and she’ll let you know the best time to call her.





  • You could text her first to arrange a time to chat about your session by sending her a text with the time, day, and date of when you’d like to call.





  • The mistress may require a deposit of an Amazon or phone voucher. She will discuss this with you when you arrange to speak.





  • Her hours are from 10am until 6pm Monday to Friday and weekends appointments should be booked in advance.





  • You need to confirm your session on the morning of the appointment.





  • Please arrive punctual, clean and showered, and hand your tribute to the Mistress at the initial stages of your arrival.





  • You’ll both discuss the details of your session mainly on the initial phone call and of course when you arrive for your appointment.





Etiquette Guidelines





  • Please don’t try to negotiate Mistress Cornelia’s rates; if you have to ask well…





  • Lady Cornelia does not offer intimate body worship or sex, so DON’T EXPECT IT and don’t ASK!





  • Please address Lady Cornelia as Mistress, My Lady, or Ma’am.





  • Please don’t keep texting Lady Cornelia about all your fantasies or about what you want and need constantly from the session. You can discuss this when you first speak on the phone and when you both meet.





  • Don’t text or discuss anything distasteful or vulgar by phone or email, as this won’t be tolerated.





  • Please don’t send any long drawn out emails as this mistress will get the full picture from your initial discussion and by phone when you arrive, so give her a brief overview where possible.





All the above is to try and prevent wasting each other’s time.





How to Contact Mistress Cornelia.





Here’s her email address and phone number.





Or send her an email to mistresscornelia@gmail.com





Mobile Phone No.






07563 058296





Please, no withheld numbers or time wasters.





Please, no house phone numbers.




In relation to professional discretion, she will not call you back unless you ask her to.




If you would like to contact Mistress Cornelia via Email then please fill in this contact form provided for you below and she will get back to you ASAP