Manchester Mistress Cornelia's Double Domme

Manchester Mistress Cornelia’s Double Domme Mistress Friends are, Mistress Teressa, Mistress Mera, Mistress Jasmine, (Mistress Mera and Mistress Jasmine are trainees so please phone to book a Double Domme session with us if you wish a Double Domme session, especially with Mistress Jasmine as she is very new and they’re both are still in training).

Listed above are links to the websites of My fabulous Mistress friend’s and Double Domme Mistresses I love to work with in the Northwest. They are some of the finest and most experienced Prodommes and Corporal punishment Mistresses in Manchester. We all became great friends very quickly and we’re all true compatriots within our love of corporal punishment, BDSM, domination, punishment and pain, in one of the best Dungeons and Domestic Setting you’ve ever seen in the UK!

We’re all well established Mistresses, we all have many and varied talents as Dommes within the wonderful world of Domination and female supremacy. So don’t be shy, give Me a call and book one of the best Double (or triple) Domme sessions of your life!