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Dungeon Hiring Manchester, Mistress Training and Established Mistresses Touring.



Mistress Training




  • Firstly this position is only available if you can work and be trained at our Dungeon here in Manchester.



  • You must be a Greater Manchester resident and provide us with a copy of your picture driver’s license.



  • A car is essential to enable you to drive to us for all your training.



  • Being able to travel is important for any professional career regarding punctuality, training, and seeing clients on time, as tardiness is not an option.



  • Mistress Training will be provided in most aspects of becoming a Professional Dominatrix.



  • The importance of a professional approach, attitude, and openness to learn, as well as drive and the desire to work hard.



  • You’ll also be required to get on well with other mistresses, either in or out of session, and have a pleasant personality and a person who is willing to pitch in and enjoy their time with us.



  • This is a part-time roll to fit in and around your private life.



  • If you feel you can meet all of the above, then we would love to train and work with you for a happy and positive and constructive future.



  • Please don’t apply if you have worked with us previously, unless everything went well and successful, during your time with us or you’re an established Mistress.



Mistresses on tour in Manchester or wishing to hire a Dungeon room from abroad or the UK



  • If you are a well-established mistress in the UK or abroad?



  • You have an excellent reputation as a mistress.



  • And you’re thinking of touring to Manchester or the Northwest?



  • Then please give Mistress Cornelia or Mistress Teressa a call.



  • When using our facility, you will need to show us your picture ID driving licence.



  • We would also like to see you have an established website and social media accounts.



  • Please call rather than just send an email.



  • You can text first to arrange a call with Lady Cornelia or Mistress Teressa regarding either of the above.



  • Please look at the individual websites and dungeon pages etc, if you want to hire any of the rooms.



  • We ONLY hire rooms to established mistresses who are happy to provide their ID.



  • You will enjoy working with us in our well-equipped dungeon and domestic rooms.



  • We look forward to your text.



  • If you wish to have your photographs taken by Lady Cornelia during your visit with us, please book in advance.