Mistress Cornelia - Elite Manchester Mistress - 07563 058296


The best you can get with finesse in Manchester



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She is located off the M60 in Manchester’s.




Gallery of Mistress Cornelia so have a look at how stunning she is.



Her gallery accurately depicts how fantastic her dungeon is, as well as all of the options available to you.



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The mistress’s commanding and demeanour is both intimidating and calming.



Lady Cornelia can play the evil bitch to perfection with just her wits and good looks.



This Mistress will also cater to most dreams, obsessions, wishes and or role plays



She’ll feed your cravings and quench your demands and will always require your obedience.



This is done by using her brains, physique, and, most importantly, eye contact!



This is the woman to visit if you want a more intimate and sympathetic Mistress relationship.



This will be done because you’ll then be very fulfilled by her dominance!



This is why you have to kneel in front of Mistresses like Lady Cornelia.



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