Manchester Mistress Lady Cornelia

Visited 13 April from My Naughty spanking boy Davidson…

I was bowled over by how professional you were. You built on my ideas and took the role play beyond my expectations. Still smarting and glowing nicely. This was my first visit and I can’t wait to visit again. I am sure my wife will have reason to send me for another thrashing. Thank you!

Review from Geoff

Mistress Cornelia is a real Mistress, the best I have visited in the North West. A lot of women offer a Mistress service, but their heart is not really in the role and they use from poky unconvincing premises.

Mistress C is the real McCoy!

It is a treat just to step foot in the wonderful furnished Dungeons, complete with a great equipment, as well as cane-racks and strategically placed mirrors. After sketching out a suitable scenario over tea and biscuits, we went straight into role, with Miss Cornelia first taking a cane to my bared bottom.

The strokes were laid on immaculately, leaving neat parallel stripes, and the severity level was just right for me. And her acting skills, if anything, exceeded her caning skills! It really was like being transported into sub space – re – enacted with the help of a stern female authority figure of much glamour and charm. I’ll be back!

Sissy Beverley.

If I’d of only known this Mistress was in Manchester, I would of been her sissy bitch for years. What a great two hours and no clock watching. Mistress made me look like a real little slut and with full makeup the lot.See you soon Mistress your dutiful sissy slut Beverley.