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Manchester Misress



Sessions List of Mistress Cornelia and the BDSM Services list.



Mistress Cornelia will always demand respect as a mistress and professional dominatrix, especially during your sessions together.



Mistress Cornelia will discuss your boundaries with you ahead of time and inquire about any health concerns you may have.



When you first meet with Mistress Cornelia, you should talk about your degree of your interests so that you can get to know each other a little better.



When you first call her, she will expect you to explain certain specifics, but not in vast or explicit detail, you can postpone that until the two of you meet.



Long conversations over the phone will not be tolerated, as this is normally how time wasters pass their time.




Here’s her sessions list


  1. Anul Training
  2. Baby Minding
  3. Ball Busting
  4. Bastinado
  5. Bondage
  6. Caning
  7. Candle Wax Play:
  8. CBT
  9. Chastity/cuck hold training
  10. Creative Role-Play/Psychodrama/Kidnap
  11. Cropping
  12. Corporal punishment—spank, cane, etc.
  13. Discipline and slave training
  14. Domestic Servitude
  15. Double Domme Sessions:
  16. Emotional Sadism
  17. Face sitting/face smothering
  18. Face Slapping
  19. Fantasy Roleplay
  20. Feminization/transformation
  21. Financial Domination
  22. Flogging
  23. Foot Gagging
  24. Foot Domination
  25. Forced Bisexuality
  26. Forced Feminisation
  27. Glove Worship
  28. Hair Pulling
  29. Humiliation and degradation
  30. Intense Tease and Denial
  31. latex worship
  32. Leather Worshi
  33. Maid Training
  34. Mummification/Cling Film
  35. Nipple Torture
  36. Psychological Sadism
  37. Pantyhose or nylon fetish
  38. Pet Play
  39. Restrictive & predicament bondage/immobilization
  40. Roleplay
  41. Sensory overload and deprivation
  42. Shoe/Heel/Boot worship
  43. Sissification
  44. Smoking Fetish
  45. Spanking
  46. Spitting
  47. Stapling
  48. Strap On
  49. Tickle Torture
  50. Tease & Tie
  51. Trampling
  52. Watersports
  53. Whipping
  54. Whips, single tail, flogging, paddle.



Please make sure that you are clean, and smelling fresh for your session.



Good personal hygiene is a MUST.



There are showers facilities available to you if you are coming to see Lady Cornelia straight from work.



Role Play


Double Domme

Bitchy Boss




Russian Spy

British Spy

Femme Fatale


Military Officer

Police Officer

Prison Warden

Head Teacher 




Strict Aunt

Strict Stepmother



Other Role Play options



Lady Cornelia is a consummate master of the art of theatrical role-play.



She can seamlessley transitioning between personas that can range from enigmatic Russian spy to an array of other formidable and menacing characters.



With a remarkable ability to immerse herself in her roles.



Her sessions with clients become captivating and electrifying experiences that unfold over the course of an hour or two.



Whether she embodies the mysterious allure of a Cold War-era operative, Police Woman, Nurse or the cunning elegance of a cunning international agent.



Lady Cornelia’s performances transport her clients into a world where danger and intrigue reign supreme.



Her talent lies not only in the authenticity of her portrayals, but also in her capacity to create an immersive environment that keeps her clients on the edge of their seats.



She can blur the lines between fiction and reality.  As she delves into each role, Lady Cornelia crafts an unforgettable journey that leaves her clients both exhilarated and enthralled.



This is undertaken by making her sessions an unforgettable exploration of the thrilling and captivating world of espionage and suspense.





Regarding her working hours




Her working hours are from 10am to 6pm from Monday through to Friday.




(Please try to reserve in advance for Saturday and Sunday).




Tribute and discounts…




Session discounts



Be Lady Cornelia’s Corridor slave of day slave for a lower price for an all day Sessions!



Our exclusive sessions offer a remarkable opportunity to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your corridor space, and thought out the Dungeon as her all day slave?



Your Birthday Treat



Come and get a lower rate on your birthday and join me in celebrating your birthday. (Please bring identification; I simply need to see your birth date; no names, please.)



Rates for Retirees



Why not treat yourself to a discounted session with me lasting either 30 minutes, one hour, 90 minutes, or a whole two hours if you’re a pensioner and wish to make an appointment with her?








Please let her know if you wish an hours session, two hours, 90 and 30 minutes sessions or longer.




Check out the information on her ‘About’ page to learn more about Mistress Cornelia and her persona.




Before calling Lady Cornelia, please read the information on her ‘Contact’ page.




EXCLUDED: Use of alcohol, illegal narcotics, any blood play, needle play, or sexual activity (no public humiliation requests or intimate encounters).




If you want to buy a chastity device to bring to your session, please take a close look at this website.