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New Sex Swing at our Manchester Dungeon…

Just to update you, we’re had our fabulous sex swing room sorted last week!

So you’d better get yourselves into My place or see one of our other fabulous Mistresses or a new Trainees, at our Dungeon and of course, come and see the new sex swing!

Good News the New Swing…

It’s handmade black Leather Hammock Sex Sling and is designed to carry the body weight of up to 240 lbs. So what are you waiting for, it’s now installed!  

Manchester Mistresses Sensory Deprivation Techniques and what delights happen when you visit Lady Cornelia?

Sensory Deprivation (SD) is a very powerful experience one and is used in most aspects in the world of BDSM.

A willing participant with submissive’s body. I like a willing slave to understand and definitely partake in some sensory deprivation.

Sensory deprevation is all about and of course sensational play, which always incorporated into most of my Session at the Dungeon.

It involves depriving a submissive or a slave to feel certain senses while blindfolded, in respect of sight and sound. This kind of scenario helps make all slaves feel more helpless, but also makes all their senses explode while touching their bodies and increasing sensitivity to all stimuli.

I sometimes like to give my slaves 30 minutes of total isolation and to help them lose who they are, their sense of time, their identity and their sense of their surroundings, which can bring about sheer unadulterated feeling of complete bliss, peace and relaxation.

Although a slaves sense touch is usually heightened by eliminating the other senses.  

Sensory deprivation doesn’t always attempt to eliminate all of the senses, but just touch can be amazing feeling and by keeping a slaves body bound and tight by using cling film, latex or a body bag can be very delicious.

Here’s some various options I use during SD!

During the session caressing by various Mistresses at the dungeon is amazing and not forgetting some occasional flogging and using warm oils, lots of body touching, nipple play and clamps are all part of the play such as, feathers, lots of tie and tease, edge play.

CBTs included, possibly a small butt plug, training, wearing female panties, getting the strap on your backside, pin wheels, flogger, hot wax, ice and various toys, gags, and ear defenders.

These are just some of the most common props to use as your Mistress, during sensory deprivation using just some or all of these provide lots of options and using hoods and belts to restrict arms and legs.

The use of all the above options and techniques becomes a very de-stress situation for slaves and an amazing experience with Me in Manchester.

Releasing your control to Me a beautiful Mature Dominant Mistress, can be an amazing feeling for a slave and gives most slaves like you a sense of complete euphoria.

Its intriguing that a lot of slaves find this a kind of session amazing and a major release, in giving themselves up to their perfect Mistress by letting go and feeling the pleasure and the fear.

There’s always lots of tie and tease within a sensory deprivation session or sometimes pain and perfect punishment of a slaves body, using various techniques, equipment, toys and props.

This all usually results in an intensely erotic sensual subspace time and of course the end result is what most submissive slaves desire.

So come along and don’t be shy or stressed I will help you focus and submit to into oblivion within a rush of adrenaline and endorphins!

During some sessions it’s possible to include another Mistress for a Double Domme delight who will assist Me in satisfying snivelling little slaves, with the tough of four hands all over you instead of two.

This type of session is one of the perfect options offered by this professional and very experienced Manchester Mistress.

Mistress Cornelia’s Session Expectations as a Manchester Dominatix

When we eventually meet at the Dungeon, we will of discuss some of your experiences if any, over the phone. I’ll discuss further details with you when you arrive.

The more you can enlighten me about exactly what you want from our session the better it will be.

I care about the wellbeing of all my clients, and I don’t offer ANY services that I believe, will put you at any risk. Therefore, trust and mutual respect do go hand in hand in our session together.

We’ll always discuss your limits before hand, and as I am a Pro-Domm, you’ll always be assured of a great session.

My sessions list and services are listed below. I offer endless options with role play, domination, Double Domme and control and I know I can accommodate any aspect of pain and pleasure you desire.

So do give me a call and see if you can cope becoming one of my slaves. Please read all my details carefully.

I can push your limits if required because after all I’m an experienced Manchester Mistress who adores seduction and giving pain, pleasure and role play sessions. 

Anal and Oral Strap-on Training: Selection of butt plugs, dildo’s and anal electrics.


Body Worship (limited)

Bondage (Clingfilm/Restraints/Shackles)

Candle wax

CBT: Cock and Ball Torture

Chastity Control

CP – Corporal Punishment: Canes, crops, paddles, whips, straps or simple OTK spanking.


Double Domme (Slavegirl, TS/TV)

Erotic Tie and Tease

Face Slapping

Foot and Shoe Worship (see below)

Forced Bi

Gags and Hoods

Glove Worship

Glove smothering

Humiliation In all its forms, (verbal and physical)

Ice Torture


Maid Training and Slave Training



Objectification – Human furniture, ashtray

NT: Nipple Torture – mild to extreme


Podophilia-foot fetish

Puppy training/ pony play

Retifism (shoes or boots)





Sensory Deprivation: Blindfolds, hoods, ear plugs



Trampling, Heels, Boots, Barefoot and covered

TV Transformation, Cross-Dressing and Sissification:

Enforced or not I have an extensive wardrobe available

Wax Play

Worshipping for selected pets


Touring Mistresses to Manchester to Our Manchester Dungeons and Spanking Rooms.

Manchester Mistress
Gold Dungeon

If you are a well established professional Mistress in the UK or abroad, who has an EXCELLENT reputation and you are thinking or touring as a Mistress to Manchester UK, then please give myself or Mistress Teressa a call.

Please phone me and please don’t just sending an email so that you and I can get to know each other better and if you cannot get hold of me then please phone Mistress Teressa.

Please also look at our personal websites and at the Dungeon and Hire Pages. They are well equipped and we have great Domestic Rooms settings for Spanking etc.

Also if you wish to be photographed by Me, while you are with us then please book in advance and look at My photography page for more details.

Manchester Mistress
Green Spanking Room

Mistress Photographer in Manchester – Glamour and BDSM Photography

Hi My name is Mistress Cornelia and I live and work in Manchester as a Dominatrix, but one of My biggest love’s is photography. I’ve always love photographing beautiful women especially Manchester Mistresses.

I now have my photography studio, which enables me to photograph all you fabulous ladies and gentlemen in the BDSM world etc. I would also love to hear from any London or UK Mistresses etc., about the list of services I offer and please have a read of the all the other folk I love to photograph.

So Ladies and Gentleman why not give me a call?

I offer..

  • 2 hour Mistress photo shoot and I’m an experience Female photographer and Mistress (with one of My Slaves if needs be or with another Mistress or Double Domme photos).
  • Full direction & styling (if required).
  • 30 different choreographed poses, with or without equipment.
  • Private specialist studio.
  • You’ll be fully directed in stunning photographic poses, which are guaranteed to flatter your body and your Mistress persona.
  • Skin smoothing airbrush service and photoshop skills.

People I photograph…

  • Mistresses
  • Slaves and Submissives
  • Masters
  • Spankers’
  • Corporal Punishment Enthusiasts
  • Double Domme Photo’s
  • Sissys
  • Transvestite (which includes makeup and dressing service)
  • High Class Escorts

I will make it a wonderful experience for you and put you totally at ease and I will do my best try to make sure that really enjoyed the experience and love your photos!

Fetish Studio Hire.

Studio Hire is also available to other well established photographers and fetish photographer who may wish to use My facilities for fetish photography.

So please give me a call on 07563 058296

Manchester Mistress Cornelia’s Spanking Equipment and New Canes.

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Victorian Study

Hello naughty boys in Manchester, here’s a picture of some of my new equipment especially the canes… So best get your naughty little backsides to my office for a dawn good thrashing, 👋💋👌

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