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Double Domme Sessions at a Reduced Price throughout the Summer 2019!

Well slaves it’s summer time again and we all know only too well that you’ll be feeling that summer itch!

Manchester Double Domme

So what could be more joy for you then being with Me and Mistress Teressa for an hour or so?

This is when you’ll be sneaking away out and about for that naughty hour from work or on just on your day off?

Gratification, fulfilment and our happiness needs to be sustained and fulfilling boys and of course all your fetish freaky needs, which are so important to us especially in the summer time when the weather is fine!

Myself and Mistress Teressa will be offering a reduced price, for your delectation and fiendish requirements, because lets face it you just cannot resist a delectable treat of two Manchester Mistresses, dominating and teasing you all over, with electrics, edging, perfect pleasure and for a great price and Double Domme desire!

So ring me for details…

My Mobile – phone number is – 07563 058296

My twitter – @ladycornelia2

My email – address is

You might even have a trainee Mistress into watch your session, if you’re lucky!

This is to enable our new trainees to learn and so that she can see just how bad, glad and sad you really are!

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Therefore, slaves, sissy sluts, punishment puppies and pain lovers, best get your sorry little bottoms into see us this summer, for a great price, and the best session you’ll ever have!

So come along now to see the best 4 Dungeons Dens in Greater Manchester.

Good News the New Swing…

Ooh, and by the way slaves, just to update you, we’re having our fabulous new sex swing room sorted this week!

So you better get yourselves into our place, or see one of our other fabulous Mistresses or Trainees in our Dungeons and new swing room!

Nearly a week away Merry Christmas folks!


Scottish Christmas Music

New Changes at Lady Cornelia’s Dungeon and Spanking and Domestic Rooms.

Mistress Manchester

Ho, Ho, Ho, to all my naughty kinksters in the the big wide world of BDSM, who just love serving me and all our other Manchester Mistress friends!

Just to update you all regarding my revamped website pages. The main changes to my website are to the Gallery and Dungeon pages.

We’re still happy to hire our Dungeons to professional people in the industry especially Mistresses in the U.K. and abroad. So have a look at the Dungeon Hire Page and my photography page, not forgetting the trainee Mistress page if you’re thinking about becoming a trainee Mistress in Manchester.

So slaves you might be considering revisiting me again for another session, then you’ll definite be able to see for yourself, the new decorative changes and improvements we’ve made to the Dungeon and Spanking rooms, not forgetting our new revamped equipment.

And last, but not least, to all my regular naughty sissies sluts and submissive slaves, who just love and can’t resist coming to the Dungeon, it’s nearly time for your Christmas treat!

If you’re thinking of giving yourself a Christmas treat and you’ve not been before, don’t be shy come and play?

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy wonderful New Year to you all!

07563 058296

Lady Cornelia Superior Manchester Dungeon Services

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On The Dog Collar Slave!

Welcome to the Dungeon details of Mistress Cornelia and If you are a beginner to the BDSM or a slave who’s just love’s bondage.

So if you are a beginner in the world of Domination or a slave who’s sampled all the pleasures of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadomasochism and masochism, Tie and Tease and BDSM they best you come to see Mistress Cornelia.

Mistress Cornelia offering some of the best Mistress Sessions and Dungeon services in Manchester with something different from the run of the mill Pro-Domme experience. She will whip you into shape, humiliate you and turn you into her little whore within seconds.

The Dungeon Pictures below are of one of the Dungeon rooms that Mistress Cornelia uses in Manchester. She uses her own Dungeons in the Greater Manchester and Northwest areas of the UK so keep an eye on her website and phone her for more details.

Transgender Makeover Photographer – Manchester T-Girl Photography.

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I have a photography studio in Manchester (see Photography Page) and I’d love to photograph transgender, transvestite and cross dressers, who would thoroughly enjoy a full make over service and photography shoot at my photography studio in Greater Manchester.

I have a dressing room, makeup, shoes, wigs and clothes or you can bring your own cloths and makeup if you wish. You can pick several of your pictures, which you’d like to be photoshopped, if required.

I offer a unique, relaxed and confidential service to my customers so why not give me a call for more details on 07563 058296

Manchester Mistress Cornelia’s First Blog – Welcome Everyone

mistress, lady, cornelia, corportal, punishment, canning, manchester,
Domestic Corporal Punishment

Welcome to Blog posts of the Manchester Mistress and Dominatrix Lady Cornelia. She hopes you’ll enjoy reading her new blog and website now and in the future.

Do you want to be tormented and punished by this sultry, blue-eyed, blonde who’s an experienced and mature Dominatrix in Manchester?

You’d definitely be shivering and quivering once you’ve planned a session to see this tall, long-legged, sexy and classy Lady.

You’ll also adore this Mistress more once you’re on your knees kneeling in front of her and waiting in anticipation, while giving up all your control and power to this spectacular Prodomme.

She also has one of the best and biggest Dungeons and Domestic settings in Manchester and the UK!

So slaves and naughty school boys of domestic discipline and corporal punishment lovers, you’ll need to look no further than Mistress Cornelia’s website because she is one of the best Mistress for you and she’s the one you’ve been looking for a very long time!

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